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Fifty Dollars Reward. RAN away from the subscriber the 21st of April last, a mulatto slave named ISAAC about 5 feet 8 and 1-2 inches high and 27 years of age, he is thick lipped, with a small scar on the upper lip, a lump on one of his big toes, and a very small bit off the back part of one of his ears. He dresses well, and will most probably pretend he is free. He was raised by Mr. Whitfield, in Wayne county, and I had him from Archibald Maclaine Hooper, of Wilmington, where I rather suppose he is gone, or lurking on the way. He was formerly a rough Carpenter, and I have taught him a little of the business of making Riding Chairs. Any person who take him up and secure him so that I get him again shall be entitled to the above reward of Fifty Dollars . JAMES BEGGS. Fayeteville, May 2--5w.

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North Carolina Runaway Slave Advertisements Digital Collection, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro


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