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$15 Reward. RANAWAY from the Subscriber, on the 25th March, a Negro man by the name of BOB, about 38 years of age, 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high, stout built, high forehead, rather bald, dark complexion, stutters badly when agitated, lost some of his fore teeth, scarred on the back. When he left me he wore a dark round Coat and black Satinett Pantaloons, and a high bell crown Hat--I think he will try to pass for a free man, and is making his way through the upper part of the State. I will give the above reward to any person that will deliver him to me at my residence in Richmond County, or lodge him in any Jail, so that I get him again. D. B. NICHOLSON. Richmond County, April 24, 1838. 91-6w

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